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The manufacturing of thermoplastic polymer films by extrusion has been our company’s specialist area for more than four decades.

We implement high quality film systems through an examination of the extrusion technology from the selection of machine- and process-layout up to quality assurance. For this purpose, we can cover a diverse range of products by the use of different process variants.
The manufacture of PA/PE films is carried out either in a Cast-Coextrusion or in a Tandem-Extrusion-Lamination, during which customer-tailored product requirements, such as pigmentation, area sealing or thermoformability are considered. In the process of blown film Coextrusion, three, five and nine layer (high barrier-)film structures are manufactured, the composition of which is systematically tailored to the respective requirements. Among other things, this includes the adjustment of gliding, peeling and sealing properties, anti-fog and pigmentation.